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Benjamin James Thomas

Saloon Steward

Biography updated: 28th September 2022
Benjamin James Thomas

Wreck of the Mesaba located

A team from Bangor University have reported locating the wreck of the SS Mesaba. The Mesaba was one of several ships to transmit an ice warning to the Titanic. But for some reason the message was never relayed to the bridge...

New item added: 27th September 2022
Wreck of the Mesaba located

Jean Baptiste Blumet


Biography updated: 26th September 2022

French passengers and employees

French people who were on board the Titanic

New item added: 26th September 2022

Leopoldo Zarracchi

Wine Butler

Biography updated: 25th September 2022

Adolphe Saalfeld with his wife and their dog

Titanic survivor Adolphe Saalfeld with his wife Gertrude and their dog Bobbi

New item added: 22nd August 2022
Adolphe Saalfeld with his wife and their dog

Albina Bassani

Lady's maid to Mrs Bucknell.

Biography updated: 22nd August 2022
Albina Bassani

RMS Olympic at Cherbourg

16mm home movie footage of tourists leaving the continent for America aboard the RMS Olympic, shots of tenders and on shipboard as passengers enjoy deck games...

New item added: 20th August 2022
RMS Olympic at Cherbourg

Albert Caldwell in his college orchestra

Albert Caldwell with double bass, in his college orchestra (1906) at Park University in Parkville, Missouri

New image added: 16th August 2022
Albert Caldwell in his college orchestra

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